The Free Market Existentialist

What is existentialism and what does it have to do with living a good life?

According to William Irwin, author of The Free Market Existentialist: Capitalism without Consumerism, existentialism is a philosophy of life that:

…reacts to an apparently absurd or meaningless world by urging the individual to overcome alienation, oppression, and despair through freedom and self-creation in order to become a genuine person1.

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Thomas Szasz: The Man and His Ideas

In this podcast interview, I talk with Jeffery Schaler about his new book, Thomas Szasz: The Man and His Ideas. Thomas Szasz was an iconoclastic psychiatrist who did not believe in the concept of mental illness. He saw emotional distress as, “problems of living”. We talk about Szasz and what he meant when he wrote that he did not believe in “mental illness”.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:22 Responsibility vs Freedom
00:12:16 Szasz’s definition of mental illness
00:18:28 Non-coercive psychiatry
00:29:09 Freedom vs Unfreedom
00:38:17 Dealing with emotional difficulties
00:41:34 Favorite memory of Szasz