The Second Sin

The Second Sin Book Cover

The Second Sin is a biting collection of aphorisms, witticisms, and thoughts on life from Thomas Szasz. Reading Szasz’s collection of witty quotes is the closest most of us will get to asking Szasz questions about life’s vicissitudes.

There is so much wisdom in these pages that, although the book is short, it is difficult to digest in one sitting. Page after page filled me with laughter and insight into the human condition. Reading Szasz’s aphorisms is like reading the wisdom of a great philosopher.

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Thomas Szasz vs Albert Ellis: Is Mental Illness a Myth?

In a debate, recorded in 1977, Thomas Szasz and Albert Ellis argue over the concept of mental illness. Szasz argues forcefully and humorously for his position that mental illness is a sort of metaphor for problems in life. Albert Ellis maintains that mental illness is a useful concept that should not be dismissed.

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Victor Frankl’s Disturbing Book, Man’s Search For Meaning – Has No Meaning

Victor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning documents his experiences in concentration camps during Nazi occupation. During this time, Frankl lost his wife, his brother and parents in concentration camps. The first half of the book is a disturbing tale about how Jews should find meaning through Nazi dehumanization, while the second half of the book entitled, Logotherapy in a Nutshell, is a sales pitch for Frankl’s pseudo-religious therapy called, Logotherapy.

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Why You Don’t Have to be Healthy to be Happy

Can a person live a flourishing, purpose-filled life in spite of chronic illness and near constant pain? According to author Suzy Szasz, the answer is a resounding, “yes”. Szasz’s book, Lupus. Living With It: Why You Don’t Have To Be Healthy to Be Happy, is written with an enthusiasm for life. Despite her constant battle with the exhausting chronic illness, Lupus, Szasz retains her meaning in life by refusing to become a victim of her disease.

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